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Help me out by giving a listen :) Rob Level - Built Like This (Song From The Intro) Built Like This (Lyric Video) - Rap Voice Trilogy Get Your Music Played On The Radio To Millions Of People (No Joke!) What up, Smart Rapper! I’m Rob Level, and today we’re going over 11 songwriting secrets for rappers. These are ideas to get you up and working on music every day. Writer’s block is a real thing, and unless you have some good tools for writing music, you might get caught up and get in your head so much you can’t make music. It happens to the best of us, but the more music you’re making, the better you’re getting, the more attention you’re getting, more success etc, so definitely pay attention. Alright, let’s get into it. [Intro] 1) Don’t Rely only On Memory Write things down. Or better yet - do voice memos. Sometimes when you’re really in the zone, you reach all kinds of cool combinations and melody or lyric ideas that are GONE unless you record them somehow. Use the notepad in your phone’s free apps as well to make sure you remember good lyrics that pop into your head. You’ll be teaching your brain to value doing this. Don’t rely on your memory to remember it ! You won’t, or you’ll remember a limited, simplified version of the original later, and that really cool line, pattern, or melody combination you created is gone. If you have a cool idea in your head throughout the day or at work, duck into the bathroom and record it on your voice memos real quick. You’ll thank yourself later when you go back and see all the cool lines and work you’ve done, and it will be easier to put songs together. 2) Write How You Talk/Rap A lot of rappers’ flow doesn’t sound natural because they aren’t actually rapping how they speak; they are rapping how they were taught to write in English class at school. That’s why you hear those awkward lines where people are trying to cram a bunch of words in that don’t fit, or are overly concerned with being grammatically correct. Try to attack it more from the angle of the way you talk - not how you write. Use phrases you use in daily life. You’ll automatically be more confident and comfortable and just build better, more natural lyrics from there. 3) Memorize Your Lyrics As you’re writing your song and working on each verse and the hook, memorize your lyrics as you go. That way, by the time you’re recording, you’ll be extremely confident and literally “know your stuff.” WATCH FOR THE BEST ONES or see the full article here On Our Instagram You Can Win REAL Radio Play And Shout Outs Weekly If You’re Following $400+ In FREE STUFF - A&R Contacts List, Making Money As An Rapper And More Need To Know If Your Song Is Good? Get A Professional Song Review Music Marketing Materials For Getting Your Music Heard My Main Music Channel 140,000+ Subscribers Spotify Playlists By Smart Rapper That You Can Get On (Follow Them) Spotify Marketing Company We Recommend The Best Beats I Recommend Tools For Beat Makers And Producers Submit your beats to be on Smart Rapper and get heard by thousands of rappers. My Home Studio Gear Manley Reference Microphone: API 512 C: Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB: Pro Tools: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x: Neumann KH120A Studio Monitors: Triad-Orbit T2 Standard Tripod Mic Stand: 12 Pack Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges: Acoustic Foam Bass Trap Studio Corner Wall: XL Column Acoustic Wedge Studio Foam:

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