Red Pour Painting - Split Cup Acrylic Pour
Brad Kasten Acrylic Pouring
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I wanted to make a red pour painting with black in the split cup acrylic pour technique. I choose gold, orange, red, crimson, magenta, and violet for one side of the cup. The other side alternated between black and Payne's Grey.

Split cup pour paintings are very similar to a double cup ring pour but are a little easier because all the paint is contained in one cup.

Aside from the gold taking over a little to much I really like this painting. I really like the black negative space next to the violet and magenta. If I would have tilted over that corner I would have lost most of those two colors.

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Colors & Brands of Paint Used…...................

Black - Artist Loft Flow Acrylic
Payne's Grey - Liquitex Basics
Gold - Liquitex Basics
Orange - Masters Touch
Pyrrole Red - Liquitex Basics
Crimson - Masters Touch
Deep Magenta - Artist Loft
Ultramarine Violet - Amsterdam

Paint Mixing Formula…..........................

5 parts Floetrol
3 parts paint
1-2 parts water to reach desired consistency

I like the consistency of my paints to form the slightest mound when running off the stir stick into the cup of paint.


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