बाबा लाड़ी के गुरु शास्त्री पहलवान की हालत खराब करदी इस बेवड़े ने Shastri Pahalavan Ki Kusti
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shastri pahalwan ki kusti shastri pahalwan kusti dangal dangal ki kushti baba ladi javed gani baba laddi kusti dangal dangal kushti
Shastri Pahalwan Ki kusti

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Hamare Channel Par Aapko Har Kushti Hd 4K Quality Me Hi Milegi.

Ham Is Channel Par Baba Laddi Ki Kushti Javed Gani Ki Kushti Mausam Ali Ki Kushti Aur Fakeer Baba Ki Kushti Deva Thapa Ki Kushti Upload Karte Hai.

Is Channel Par Aap Baba Laddi Ki New Kushti Fakeer Baba Ki New Kushti Mausam Ali Ki New Kushti Aur Javed Gani Ki New Kushti Deva Thapa Ki New Kushti Dekh Sakte Hai.

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Dangal Credit:
(Pardeep Sastri)(Tiger) (Amzad Khan) (Baba Ladi) (Sanu Tiger) (Irshad Pahalwan) (Mohammad Ali)

Dangal Kushti Credit:
Baba Laddi Javed Gani Mausam Ali Fakeer Baba Deva Thapa Mohammad Gani Baba Ravi Shankar Jallad Singh Monish Khan Sanju Pahalwan Billa Pahalwan Shankar Thapa Banta Pahalwan Surendra Pahalwan Thakur Jallad Gula Pahalwan Khushnood Pahalavan Jagawar Singh Rashid Pahalwan Nawab Pahalwan Kadir Gani Monish Ali Baba Bajrangi Basant Thapa Mohammad Rza Baba Nagendra Shaitan Singh Badal Pahalwan Nadeem Pahalwan Mohammad Ali Pahalwan Ravan Pahalwan Nakab Posh Pahalwan Tiger Pahalwan Vikky Singh Pahalwan Bhura Pahalwan Ashu Pahalwan Sandeep Pahalwan Jawala Pahalwan Amrish Puri Pahalwan Etc.

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