Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 review - 0-60mph, 1/4-mile & brake tested!
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This is the Mercedes-AMG GLB 35, and Mat’s on hand to find out whether this performance SUV is the ultimate family car you can buy in 2021!

And why could it be the ultimate family car, we hear you ask? Well if you’ve got a big family but you still love the opportunity to put your foot down from time to time, then you may need to look no further! Not only does it come with 7 seats on the inside, but with a 2-litre turbo 4 cylinder under the bonnet, the GLB 35 can put down 306hp & 400Nm of torque!

But the engine isn’t the only upgrade over the standard GLB. It's also graced with both AWD & launch control, and there are a host of styling upgrades including a roof spoiler, updated bumpers at the front & back, as well as an AMG grille and 20-inch alloy wheels!

There’s one problem though… It costs around £52,000! So if you’re willing to splash that much on a car, would you really choose a 7-seat family car?! You’ll have to keep watching to see if you should!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Price
01:32 Exterior Design
03:38 Drivetrain
04:38 Brake Test
05:06 Engine
05:38 Interior
06:46 Back Seats
07:44 Boot
08:36 Five Annoying Features
09:59 Five Good Features
10:50 Driving
13:48 0-60mph
14:42 Verdict

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