YOASOBI / RGB (「三原色」English Ver.)
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Original Ver.「三原色」(Sangenshoku)

Original Novel(English Ver.)「RGB」(Written by Yuichiro Komikado)
Lyrics・Music・Arranged:Ayase (
Vocal : ikura(
Translation:Konnie Aoki(

Movie Staff
・Storyboards/Animation Directors:Masashi Ishihama

・Character Design/Animation Directors:Syoko Nakamura

・Key Animators
Sueta Akihiro
Kaori Ito
Ryosuke Nishii
Keiko Nakaji
Emiko Shimura
Shinobu Mori
Aiko Komamoto
Yumi Kobayashi
Minami Seki
Kazuaki Shimada
Mikiko Ura
Aiko Sonobe
Yuki Akutagawa

Masashi Ishihama
Syoko Nakamura

・In-Between Animation Checkers
Mikiko Ura
Yui Nakayama

・ In-Between Animators
Mikiko Ura
Yui Nakayama
Hikari Imoto
Rie Sukenaga
Saori Noda
Azusa Taniguchi
Minami Nakamura


・ Color Scheme Designer/Color Stylist/Color Checker
Asuka Yokota

・ Scan/Paint
Yuko Watanabe
Akane Edagawa
Rumi Igarashi
Kousuke Shimada
Kaoru Okuhara
Momoka Tsuji
Rina Iwabuchi
Miku Marikawa

・Art Director
Usui Hisayo

・Background Art
CloverWorks Back Ground Art Room
Ozawa Izumi
Ogashiwa Yayoi
Hirasawa Makiko
Usui Hisayo


・CG Works
Katsuaki Miyaji
Miyuki Kumagai
Minoru Toya

・CG Production Assistant
Sho Watanabe

・Compositing Director
Yuya Sakuma

CloverWorks VFX Room
Yuya Sakuma
Ruri Sato
Sachiko Ito
Kaito Ishizaka
Natsu Nishioka

・2D Works
Sad Morisaki

・Plugin cooperation
Hirohisa Kitamura(SILVER LINK.)

Nami Niinuma


・CM Editor
Nobutaka Yoda(10GAUGE)

・Planning Cooperator
Kenta Suzuki(ANIPLEX)

・Animation Producer
Yuichi Fukushima

・Production Manager
Kota Takano

・Production Setting Manager
Honoka Kato


・Translation Cooperator
Akira Ushioda
Don't know where we disconnected each of our stories
Now we go, once again, past where we have split off
Even if, many times, we have been separated, you can see
We're connected, still

So, goodbye, farewell then
We said the words, departed
How many morning suns have we seen ever since that day
In our respective new future destinations
Extension of that day
Today is when we meet

With every moment that leads up to our meeting time
I keep feeling my heart beating louder as the seconds pass
As I look up at the sky that has cleared from the rain
It was just like what we saw that day
Upon us was a seven-colored bridge

Here and now, we were able to meet once again
We have kept our connection alive all along
The things we talk about
We wanna speak about
Are never ending, overflowing out, and so
Hold up, this won't be loosening, for we know
We were rushed by the seasons, forever moving
And beyond where the roads could be leading us to
No matter where we stand
As often as we want
We gotta tie our strings together like before
We'll meet again soon

What was this?
And now, we cannot end the reminiscence
And those recollections, retentions
We trace and we laugh
Filling in sceneries we were living apart
The conversation offer a shortcut
And we don't even need to worry about tomorrow
As if in a machine, and we're back to our past

In any case
Some changes that each of us have witnessed
In total honesty, there's been too much of them
But we know, till this day
It's all of our surprise
That everything is still the same

When we look up at the sky, notice it's turning white
We're exhausted and we see upon one side of our cheeks
A gentle touch and a stroke from the warmth of the sun
It was just like what we saw that day
We return to our individual days

Hey, every step that each of us have walked up to now
Has been on separate pathways, we know
But the same morning sun is above and shining bright on us
We've got to, once again, overlap now

Don't know where we lost connection within our stories
Once again, we return to what lies there beyond
The things we talk about
We wanna speak about
The pages will soon be filling up, you'll see
So, now, let's keep on adding to the story
Even the setting red sun we looked up at once
And the blue days of youth we have spent together
Our memories won't forget
Never to fade away
And like the way the greens will always sprout
We can meet again some time
Our stories always start
With a white morning sunshine every time, and so
“See ya tomorrow”