Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe: Episode #5 "Millionaire Village" [English Fandub](Official Trailer PV)
Riverdude Covers
Riverdude Covers 15.9万 粉丝数 241 总视频数 5876.42万 总观看量 2020-07-11 发布数据更新时间 --
点赞百分比 6.34%
粉丝观看率 13.4%
视频预估价值 2982元 - 3456元
粉丝互动率 12.28%
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Vlare Channel:

Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe: Episode #2 "Mutsukabezaka":

At long last, the sequel fandub is upon us

This project has been a long process in the making and I am so excited to finally be sharing this with you guys. I know many of you have not seen the Rohan OVAs (because copyright is a bitch) so this may be your first experience with it. I hope you guys will enjoy it
The Cast

Rohan Kishibe/Koichi Hirose:Riverdude

Kyoka Izumi: Emily Evans (SomniVA)

Ikkyu: JessiCartoons

Okuyasu Nijimura: Lane H. Rush (LofiSaiyan)


Edited, Produced, & Directed by: Riverdude Covers

Sound Effects: Jojo's Bizarre Sound Design

Motivational Speaker, Script Writer, Bonafide Chuckle Artist:
A Scrub for Hire

JoJo's Colored Adventure

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