Dawn of the Moon Remix | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia 363万 粉丝数 1241 总视频数 6.61亿 总观看量 2021-09-13 发布数据更新时间 2021-11-03
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Jelajahi Land of Dawn bersama Bkent, hero revamp dan miya!
Lancelot, Hayabusa, Odette, Kagura dan Miya membawa kalian menikmati 5 tahun LoD di Music Video kali ini.

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Periode Challenge: 14 September - 21 September

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Lirik lagu:
It’s time for a new
Time for a new Beginning,
Time for me and you to be fully in it
Brand new chapter
One for the books
Dawn is a factor
To get you all hooked
You are your own
But Never alone
Deep in the zone to own that throne
From The unknown, grown
To Take it all home, it’s written in the stones
Step into the realm..
It’s you against them..
In the hush of the night a face made of light
Defend your own kin
All in your hands now
Make them all bow down
Hear them all scream loud
Here comes the new King so Bow Down

Boys and girls enter your new home
(Bow down.. bow down)
Hello world, it is I on the throne
(Bow down.. bow down)
Boys and girls enter your new home
(Bow down… bow down)
Hello world, it’s the King of the throne
(Bow down… bow down)

Step aside..
From the limelight..
It’s mine.. for the taking
I decide..
That tonight
I will shine… never fading
Time for a new
Time for a new start
No-no-no one can play your part
Nobody can take this away
Disciples… OBEY!!!