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Oculus 39.9万 粉丝数 1375 总视频数 2.1亿 总观看量 2019-07-20 发布数据更新时间 2021-12-07
点赞百分比 95.4%
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Glide enchanted paper planes across a desolate fantasy landscape and hit distant targets to bring life back to the world. Use your planes to rejuvenate the entire valley and cure the sickness that has left it barren and decayed.

Enjoy the perfectly simulated feel of throwing a paper plane in VR, but with the addition of being able to gently steer your plane mid-flight. Eight lusciously designed levels will test your skills with increasing difficulty, occluded targets and cross-winds, but there is no game over so you can enjoy the challenge at your own leisure. Gradually work your way through the valley to unearth the mysterious and wondrous history of the land.

Winner of the Famitsu Media Highlight Award at BitSummit in Kyoto, Japan 2017.

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