Listen To This and Change Yourself | Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brandon Burchard
The Motivation
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Listen To This and Change Yourself | Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Brandon Burchard
An extraordinary life is life on your terms.

And there’s two parts: Part one to have an extraordinary life is mastering the skill of the science of achievement. How do I take what I envision and make it real? And how will I do that quicker, faster, better, easier.

The ability to manifest what you come up with and make it real like you’ve done with your company, that’s a skillset.

I’ve spent an unbelievable amount of time helping people do it faster, quicker, better, showing them the shortcuts, teaching the strategies, modelling what works, you can save yourself a decade.

But, I would submit to you that having done this for 38 years with you know, 50 million people at this stage I can tell you that the science of achievement… There are a lot of people that are damn good and they still don’t have an extraordinary life.

They have an extraordinary life, YOU see it as extraordinary, but I get the phone call from the multi-billionaire who tells me wants to do this thing on his business but what you really find out is he’s as miserable as hell and he’s hoping somehow, I’m going to rub off on him on that side too, and so I give him what he asked for:

The change in his business, but I also give him what he needs:

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