Modifying our Land Rover Defender for the Australian Outback. Are we ready?
GrizzlyNbear Overland
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We have been driving a highly modified Land Rover Defender camper around the world for more than four years. We've driven through thirty six countries and tackled some pretty tough terrain in remote locations.

All that experience might not mean much as we prepare our Defender to take on the notorious Australian outback.

Being from Australia with a good level of outback travelling experience we have an idea what changes we need to make to tackle the Aussie bush.

Check out the video to see what we have planned and please let us know in the comments if you have some ideas of your own.

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Become a PATRON and be part of the adventure.

Thank you very much.

Join us as we travel the world overland, exploring the cultures and traditions of all the countries we visit.
In our Land Rover Defender camper which is our full time home we will take you rock climbing, hiking and exploring across all the continents on this planet.


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