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✔️ New Year's Eve is approaching and Pocoyo and his friends are already preparing the last Christmas party. Candy, top hats, confetti, garlands and lots of love! Come and enjoy watching with Pocoyo this compilation of cartoons dedicated to the greatest party of the year!

✔️ Enjoy with ours funny cartoons for children of Pocoyo. Have fun with the full episodes in english of Pocoyo and Nina.

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00:00:00 Happy New Year
00:00:40 Dance off part two
00:07:15 New Year's Resolutions - Pocoyo
00:07:54 Dance Off!
00:14:30 New Year's Resolutions - Pato
00:15:13 The Videogame Party
00:21:58 New Year's Resolutions - Elly
00:22:41 The Ball Orchestra's Party
00:29:16 Disco Fleaver
00:35:41 Rock is a hard place
00:42:25 Pocoyo's Band
00:48:47 Party Time
00:55:05 Elly's Ballet Class
01:01:07 Party Pooper
01:07:07 Everyone's Present
01:13:05 Drum Roll Please
01:19:01 Swept Away
01:25:01 A Present for Elly
01:31:08 Dance

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💃 Dance off part two
Elly and Nina are dancing in synch.

🎧 Dance Off!
Pocoyo and Pato stumble upon a disco and Elly is the DJ.

The Videogame Party
Nina discovers that spring has arrived, runs to tell all her friends, and everyone is touched by the explosion of flowers and colours around them. It’s all so beautiful that Pocoyo proposes organising a party and inviting all their friends. What a great idea!

🎷 The Ball Orchestra's Party
Pocoyo and his friends want to attend the Ball Orchestra's party but they don't know the way to the venue. They will have to decipher various enigmas until they can enjoy the music of this peculiar and fun orchestra.

🐜 Disco Fleaver
Loula has fleas, so Nina uses her shrink ray to try to get them to leave Loula alone.

🎸 Rock is a hard place
Pocoyo and his friends have a rock band and Fred the Octopus has organized a photo shoot.

🥁 Pocoyo's Band
Pocoyo finds a box full of musical instruments.

🎂 Party Time
Pocoyo, Pato and Elly are organizing a birthday party.

💃 Elly's Ballet Class
Elly wants to be a prima ballerina with a troupe of other dancers so she tries to teach her friends to dance just like her.

🎉 Party Pooper
Pocoyo is having a party and invites all his friends.

🎁 Everyone's Present
Wow… Presents! One for Pocoyo, one for Elly and one for Pato! How exciting.

Pocoyo is a curious, fun-loving, friendly toddler who's always into experiencing new and exciting adventures. Featuring core values of tolerance, respect, love and loyalty, kids around the world love to join Pocoyo's adventures with his inseparable animal friends Nina, Elly (the elephant), Pato (the duck), Loula (his pet dog) and Sleepy Bird.

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