Cucumber PIMPLES! DON’T TOUCH💩 *Medical gadgets and hacks*
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Becoming a doctor means saving many lives 👨‍⚕️. You have to be able to perform surgery on head, stomach, and skin. You also have to be able to fix broken teeth and broken legs 🤕. Find out how this girl performs a medical surgery on her friends!

Timestamps :
0:01 Rescuing a cucumber
0:26 Performing surgery on a girl's brain
0:57 Cleaning cantaloupe's teeth
2:02 Fixing pineapple's digestion
3:00 Helping orange's baby delivery
3:40 Worm surgery for peach
4:23 Skin surgery for banana
5:50 Gummy bear surgery for Teddy Bear
6:31 Fixing Kissy Missy's legs
7:38 Removing tattoo on bananas

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