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This is the new Ford Focus!

The Focus isn’t as popular as it used to be, having recently dropped out of the top 10 of the most popular cars in the UK. Well, Ford is looking to reverse that trend, and as a result it’s brought in a number of changes to make it more appealing.

The new model is only a facelift rather than an all-new model, but there are still a couple of noticeable changes. Starting at the rear, there’s some new tail lights along with twin exhaust pipes. Around the front, there’s some new LED headlights along with a new grille design. The Ford badge has also been moved from the bonnet down to the grille.

On the inside, the most notable change is the new infotainment screen. It comes equipped with Ford’s all-new infotainment system too, but it’s a bit laggy and not the best to use. There are some new digital dials as well. Elsewhere, the cabin is pretty well made, with a fair bit of storage and nice materials throughout.

As it stands, there are two engine choices available, with the range-topper being a 1-litre turbo petrol that can deliver 155hp. It’s available as either a manual or automatic, and there’s a diesel due out next year which will only be available as an automatic.

The new Focus starts from around £26,000, but should you choose it over competitors such as the Golf? Stick with Mat to see for yourself!

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11:30 Motorway Driving
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