Dead By Daylight Overdose
Dead By Daylight Overdose 2.26万 粉丝数 37 总视频数 402.69万 总观看量 2021-10-13 发布数据更新时间 2021-11-27
点赞百分比 95.2%
粉丝观看率 100%
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This is a Dead By Daylight series where I feature the best moments and funniest fails done by community players such as dead by daylight funny, dead by daylight moments, dead by daylight scary moments, dead by daylight best killer, dead by daylight best moments, dead by daylight best plays, dead by daylight best jukes, dead by daylight reddit, dbd reddit, dead by daylight twitch, dbd twitch and featuring streamers like zeb89, no0b3, noob3, stickyfez, angrypug, anthony_kongphan, otzdarva and MORE!

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All players have been credited in the video!

Welcome to Dead By Daylight Overdose, the place where you will find carefully edited gameplay clips that are submitted by fans through our submission form. I create well-edited DBD best and funny moments videos spending more than 3 days on each single video, working and trying as hard as possible to come up with very unique content! I add a creative commentary by me throughout the whole video to make it more enjoyable.

All of my videos go through many different stages, mainly using Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Blender and Photoshop.
1- I start by picking the highest quality clips from channel’s submission form.
2- Editing the whole video: Sorting the clips, perfect cuts, subtitles, transitions, creative sound effects like cartoon effects when someone either “falls from a high place, hits the ground, dies in the game, gets hit by an axe and more”, including many different memes in the video to make it more entertaining for the viewer to watch, zooming into certain parts of the video to highlight something the viewer may be missing out, overlaying images, adding suitable music and MUCH MORE creative stuff!
3- Writing a script for the whole video and record a creative voice over.
4- Thumbnail idea & design: Finding a new suitable idea for every video, creating 3D characters using Blender, adding filters/effects/icons/images using Photoshop & MORE!
5- Reviewing the video to make sure it aligns with YouTube guidelines then publishing it to my beloved subscribers!

NOTE: For each video on average, I use 40-50 different clips and do my best to alter each single one in a very creative way, so I make it my OWN and UNIQUE to the channel.

My main purpose creating these unique videos is to fulfill people and make them happy, I upload different types of DBD videos that each one has its own unique idea and editing. If you want to see best DBD gameplay moments with very creative and original edits and latest DBD news and leaks, then subscribe!

Disclaimer: Recently, some people are sending us clips through our submission forms that they don't own, if you see your clip here & you didn't submit it, please send us email through: [email protected]