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"Dhaarana" - (Meaning Belief) This Is The Short Film Which Was Made For India Film Project, 50Hours Film Making Challenge. Team Members Of Brahmastra Creations Had Participated In India Film Project 50 Hours Short Film Making Challenge In Amateur Category, On 15th September, 2017 From 08:00PM Till 17th September, 2017 10:00PM. Team Members Successfully Made A 06-Minutes Short Film Under 50Hrs. Theme - Everything Is Connected. Genre - Drama. Compulsory Element - Showing Use of a Music Instrument. (Background or Foreground). Music Instrument Used - Guitar. Team ID - TA4166. Team Leader - Krishna Ullikashi Movie Name - DHAARANA. Story Outline - Samudra a young talented boy who is trying to come up in his life by becoming a Singer, he is trying and testing his luck to meet the Music Director, whom he thinks he can help him in publishing his Album. At first attempt Samudra reaches at Music Directors office but he will be stopped by the security guard present outside the office and he is escorted out of the building, samudra will be seating in a tea stall where his friend meets him and motivate him to try until he is succeeded. At Second attempt Samudra gets a chance to meet the Music Director were he introduces himself and hands over the CD in which his music compositions are saved, the music director listens to his compositions but he doesn't like them and he throws the CD at him and scolds him for wasting his precious time and ask him to leave. Samudra is upset and he is not in his present conscious, as his is walking on road he sees a bin and throws his guitar into it and leaves. A young boy passing by the bin sees a guitar cover laying down, when he picks up the cover he finds guitar present in it and he carries it on his shoulder and takes it to his home, the young boy uses the guitar and composes the new tunes which he takes it to the same music director who had rejected samudra, the music director agrees to publish his album as both come out of the chamber discussing about the deal, samudra is already present in office waiting to meet music director and ask him for reconsidering his album, but he finds out that the album is finalized with the young boy, samudra runs out of the office and keeps on running and he climbs up a building and stands at the edge of the roof and speak to himself saying that his dream is shattered and he no-longer want to leave. Then suddenly Samudra wakes up screaming from his sleep and finds out that whatever he felt till now was all dream, he then composes new tunes and he reaches out to the music director and this time for real his compositions are liked. Music Director takes out the CD out of his laptop and places it on his table, watching this samudra is tensed and ask him why he kept his CD for this the music director says him that he will call him and while talking further the music director coughs and reaches out for his handkerchief at the same time samudra also reaches to hand over the glass of water to the music director while this was talking place both of them didn't came to know that the CD has fallen into the bin by music director unintentionally, then samudra leaves the office believing that music director will call him and music director thinks that he will call him as samudras CD is with him. THE END

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