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Disney World Vlogs 2019 | Travelling to Florida | KrispySmore Travel Day Subscribe: | 🔔Make sure to enable ALL push notifications!🔔 #disneyworldvlogstravelday #traveldaydisneyworld #disneyworldvlogs2019 Music is from Epidemic Sound It's our Disney World Travel Day vlogs 2019! Full Thomas Cook Airlines Review down below enjoy! The last time we visited Disney World was in 2017 and we have missed it so much, so you can probably tell we are so excited for this trip. We leave the Travelodge hotel and venture to South Terminal at Gatwick Airport via the bus, this bus cost £4 per person each way which was odd as yesterday it was £3 per person and apparently that day the prices went up. But anyway as we arrived at Gatwick airport we headed over to check in our bags as Thomas Cook do not offer Bag drop the day before you fly. We head through security and when we arrive at the departure area we realise we have 3 hours till our gate gets announced, so what do we do....well we head over to one of the WonderTree restaurant that has a view of the runway have some breakfast and do some plane watching and shopping afterwards. Time goes by and we find out what gate our Thomas Cook airline flight is departing and then our excitement reaches boiling point! We head over to Gate 23 and get a glimpse at our Thomas Cook plane that will be taking us to Orlando Florida, as we board we are thoroughly impressed with how the plane looks and also to add everyone receives a bottle of water when you find your sit which is a nice touch. As we wait for everyone to board we check out the entertainment system and we have to say that we have mainly fly with BA and once with Virgin which was in 2012 so a while ago, but this is the best screen resolution we have seen while flying to Orlando. They had the basic entertainment system which had a good amount of movies and tv shows (like 5 Movies and 5 TV Shows) for you to watch you could upgrade for an extra £5 per person and this gives you a wider selection of movies and tv shows. We did not go for this option and watched what was on offer and listen to the music which was a great selection. As we took off we got comfy for our 9 hour flight to Orlando Florida by starting to watch movies and Stephie had a cheeky nap. Later on our food arrived and we both went for the Beef Stroganoff with herb rice which was delicious but a small portion compared to other flights we have been on to Orlando Florida, we were given one drink with our meal which was a very small glass no cans given, dessert was a Millionaire shortbread chocolate mousse as well as cheese and crackers with a bread roll and some water. The food system was very different no trays just the main food placed in front of you with a box containing your extra items. The one thing we noticed was they would deliver your food first then change the trolley over then start drinks so by the time you finished your food they started offering drinks. We were also given a mini cornetto style ice cream then about an hour before we landed we got some finger sandwiches, cake, pretzels and offered tea or coffee. As we landed into Orlando Florida we were welcomed by the heat then by American Air conditioning which was heavenly, we get through immigration get out bags and head to our hotel which is the Clarion inn Lake Buena Vista another hotel we have stayed in many times. We got freshened up and headed to the Vineland Outlets which is a short Lyft or Uber ride away from our hotel, as we looked around in the Disney Character Warehouse we found some amazing bargains, Stephie treats herself to some Lion King goodies and a RunDisney Pandora charm. We then head over to Publix for some extra food and snacks, then we get what we have wanted for so long Honey Walnut Chicken from Citrus Gardens we love this place so much. We head back to our hotel to eat the food and head off to bed! Watch the NEWEST videos: Follow Krispy Smore: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Watch more Krispy Smore: Disney Hauls: Chef Dave: Q&A’s: Latest Videos: Popular Videos: About Krispy Smore: Welcome to the official Krispy Smore YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Fun filled and magical Disney content, including Q&A’s, Chef Dave, Disney Hauls, 7 days in Florida and more. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications so you never miss a video! For instant updates, follow us on our social media accounts below.

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